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Alexander Osuna
Alexander OsunaCo-Founder
I grew up in Miami participating in many different sports but dedicated the most time to karate and baseball. For the ten years prior to co-founding GRIT, I was embedded in the education system and coached a variety of team sports. I gained personal training experience with Ed’s Bootcamp in South Miami and transitioned into eight years of CrossFit training and managing one of the largest boxes in Miami at the time. For the past three years, I have been privately training clients and high school sport teams throughout Miami. I use my knowledge, experience and creativity to try to add something fresh and a new dynamic to our programming.
Lyonel Lumarque
Lyonel LumarqueCo-Founder
I’m a student of movement and nutrition and I will continue to be until I take my last breath. If it has to do with moving I’ve probably done it or learned about it. I am certified in a variety of exercise regimens including rowing, animal flow, clubs and maces, kettlebells, mobility stick, Olympic weightlifting. In nutrition, I practice everything I teach. I’ve helped hundreds of people improve their lives through movement and nutrition, and I know our programs at GRIT can do the same for you.
Mikey Hidalgo
Mikey HidalgoCoach
I was introduced to fitness through martial arts as a teenager. After practicing and instructing Kung Fu and Mixed Martial Arts for five years, I became a personal trainer. Along the way I earned certification as a CrossFit Level 1 coach and as an Olympic weightlifting coach. I’ve been fortunate to compete at a high level in several CrossFit competitions and in sanctioned Olympic weightlifting meets. Fitness has become my passion. I enjoy and feel a great sense of accomplishment helping members reach their goals. I love my job and am always looking for new challenges to bring to our members.
Andrés “Andy” Chong
Andrés “Andy” ChongCoach
I have a passion for fixing the human body partly because I have had to battle muscular and body issues my whole life. After spending 10+ years working on cars, I decided to apply the same principals of perfection to training the human body. I started CrossFit in 2008 and became an instructor in 2009. I have worked with amputees, athletes with disabilities, and those who are overweight. In addition, I bring to GRIT my experience as an Olympic lifting coach, gymnastics coach, and massage therapist.