The determination, courage and resolve within ALL of us brought out by only the most extreme of circumstances when you have no other choice but to quit or to persevere.

Who are we?

GRIT MIAMI is a spacious, well-equipped fitness facility offering group and personal training designed to bring out your “grit” within to help you achieve your long term goals for a healthier and fitter you. If you would like to be challenged in improving weaknesses and in building on strengths while training with like-minded, motivated classmates, we have the safe programs and expert staff to guide your journey.

Your age, sex, athletic experience or limitations do not matter: GRIT MIAMI classes can be modified to cater to you to allow you to progress toward your overall goals and becoming more fit. GRIT MIAMI’s facility also accommodates personalized training, if desired, for individuals with specific needs or goals. GRIT MIAMI encourages and promotes camaraderie between its staff and athletes while creating a comfortable and inviting space that supports progress towards the pursuit of a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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