Alexander Osuna
Alexander OsunaCo-Founder / Personal Trainer
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 38
Specialty: Crossfit, Endurance, Baseball, Lacrosse
Strength: Deadlift, Running, Motivational Speaking
Weakness: Handstand Walks, Vocal Censorship
Spirit Animal: Killer Whale
Mikey Hidalgo
Mikey HidalgoGRIT Coach / Personal Trainer
Hometown: Esteli, Nicaragua
Age: 32
Specialty: Crossfit, Glutes
Strength: Power Clean, Glute Bridge
Weakness: Squat, Wall Balls, Vert
Favorite Food: Yellow Thai Curry
Kristopher Osuna
Kristopher OsunaGRIT Coach / Personal Trainer
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 39
Specialty: Crossfit, HIIB, Power Lifts
Strength: Bench Press, Power Clean
Weakness: Endurance, Humor
Favorite Designer: Comme de Garçons
Ariana Rojas
Ariana RojasGRIT Coach / Personal Trainer
Hometown: Costa Rica
Age: 35
Specialty: Crossfit, Spanish
Strength: Deadlift, Squat, Power Lifts
Weakness: Shoulder Press, Burpees
Favorite Super Hero: Babs Bunny
Javier Herrera
Javier HerreraGRIT Coach/Personal Trainer
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 32
Specialty: Fashion and Facial Hair
Strength: Bench Press and Boulder Shoulders
Weakness: Crossfit, Sudoku
Favorite Color: Pink
Tyrone Coleman
Tyrone ColemanGRIT Coach
Hometown: Costa Rica
Age: 36
Specialty: Strength, Bootcamp
Strength: Deadlift, Sprints, Bartending
Weakness: Rockin’ Rib Rolls, Burpees
Favorite Hero: Donatello Ninja Turtle
Kiara Vicenty
Kiara VicentyGRIT Coach
Hometown: Frederick, Md
Age: 22
Specialty: Rowing, Swimming, Kinesiology
Strength: Anatomy, Bulking of Shoulders and Back
Weakness: Cardio, Kids
Fears: Sharks and Sun Bathing
Abby GuarchGRIT Coach/Personal Trainer
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 24
Specialty: Bootcamp, Female Transformation
Strength: Attitude, Sweating, Torture with a Smile
Weakness: Snatches, Hot Sauce
Favorite Subject: Business Ethics
Enrique MartinezOlympic Weightlifting
Hometown: Miami, FL
Age: 39
Specialty: Olympic Weightlifting
Strength: Snatch, 1 Rep of Anything
Weakness: Cardio, Metcons
Favorite Position: Squat