Alex Osuna
Alex Osuna

Squat: 400lbs & Deadlift: 500lbs all on 4hrs of sleep.

Father of the Year to two beautiful kiddoes.


NCSF Personal Training Certified

NCSF Nutrition Certified

Former Crossfit Level 1 & 2 Certified

Florida Educator Certified


Alex Osuna

Having played Baseball and performing Karate since the age of 6 created an athletic and disciplined background. After high school, athletics to a back seat to health and fitness. In college I Double Majored in Biology and Marine Biology, while minoring in Chemistry. The science background allowed me to understand the human body and the effects of exercise and chemicals on it. I have been involved in the CrossFit and Bootcamp community since 2008 as an instructor, coach, athlete and now business owner. Still to this day, I keep learning from my own experiences and from the people that surround me.

Everyone goes through their own successes and failures. What sets someone apart is how they learn from those experiences and actually applies the knowledge towards something better. I have gone through my own and at a part of my life where I want to be a better husband, father, son and brother for my family. My life journey isn’t the smoothest, but it’s mine and I know that I am in a position to pave a smoother more direct path.

I’m a teacher by passion. I have been coaching for over 15 years and was a High School Marine Science instructor for 10 years. The setting and student may change, but at the heart of this profession you are trying to help someone reach particular goals. I love going through the journey with someone; guiding, supporting, listening and motivating them. Fullest potential is rarely achieved by one’s self. Having help gets you to new heights.